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Aiki Research is a skunkworks designed to research, develop, share, and disseminate information on the application and embodiment of Aiki.

"Budo must always reflect its surroundings. If it isn’t newer and stronger, it isn’t valid." - Shoji Nishio

Recommended people, workshops, sites, and information:

Mike Sigman Internal Strength
Dan Harden - Bodywork
Akuzawa Minoru - Aunkai
Vladimir Vasiliev - Systema
Chen Xiaowang
Stanley Pranin - Aikido Journal
Peter Ralston - Chen Hsing
Mantak Chia
Stefan Stenudd
Corky Quakenbush
Chris Li's Blog
Pacific Tao
Howard Rheingold - Smart Mobs, Net Smart
Pierre Sprey
Mark MacYoung
No Nonsense Self Defense
Fourth Turning

Aikido (Wikipedia)
Morihei Ueshiba (O Sensei) Wikipedia
Aikido FAQ
Aikido Online
Aikido Journal
Aikido Seminars & Dojo Listings
Dan Rank (black belt ranks)
Dojo Etiquette
Anatomy of a Dojo
Aikido: Glossary of Terms
Aikido Glossary: Dictionary of aikido terms
Encyclopedia of Aikido
Aikido West Beginner's Handbook
Aikido Audio Pronunciation Guide MP3, WAV

Shoji Nishio
Interview with Shoji Noshio Sensei (1984) (part 1)
Interview with Shoji Noshio Sensei (1984) (part 2)
It Had To Be Felt #14: Nishio Shoji: White Gold
Interview with Shoji Nishio (1992), Part 1
Interview with Shoji Nishio (1992), Part 2
Shoji Nishio: Aikido's Innovative Genius
Aikido is a language by Shoji Nishio
Aikido Training by Shoji Nishio
Video clips of Shoji Nishio Sensei
Nishio Aikido 3 DVD Set

Dan Richards @ Reddit: Aikido Q&A
The Progression of Aikido Technique from Basic to Advanced
Four Lies: You, Our Courts and Self-Defense
Using your Martial Art to 'Defend' Yourself
Chen "Silk Reeling"

Science of Breath
Thesis on Aikido
Aiki: Journey to Self-Mastery
The relationship between Tomiki's Aikido and Daito Ryu AikiJutsu

Kakushitoride videos
Aikido - The Way of Harmony Podcast (streaming MP3)
Aikitube (Aikido Video Library)
Aikido Journal Image Gallery
Nishio-ryu Iaido (Toho Iai) Images
Chen Xiaowang Applications DVD excerpt

Aikido gi
Judo Gi
Karate Gi
Hakama (split pants worn in Aikido)
What is a hakama and who wears it?
How to tie your obi belt (Video)
Obi no musubi kata (Video)
How to Tie a Karate Belt (Video shows 2 variations)
How to fold your hakama
How to fold a hakama (Video)

Bokken (wooden Japanese sword)
Jo (wooden staff)
Katana (Japanese sword)
Way of the Short Staff
Woods for training weapons
Wood and weapons
The Way of the Wood
Wood Selection
Bokken Bashing
Wooden weapons: Care and maintanence

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